Leaving your school, but want to take your Google Classroom work with you?

Teachers around this time of the year are finding out that Google Takeout does not include Google Classroom (yet?). Using Takeout will work great for all the Google Drive content that you own, and this will include content that you have created for your Google Classroom. (NOTE: Watch out for files in your Google Drive that you care about, but actually are owned by someone else! Make copies of these files before you use Google Takeout.)

What about all the announcements, quick reminders, etc... that you have in your Google Classroom streams, or in the About pages? I couldn't find anything officially supported, sot his is what I recommend as a temporary solution:
  1. Use Google Takeout to get all the Google Drive content from your account, which should cover all the documents you posted on Classroom, for most people.
  2. Open the Classroom stream, and scroll down to the bottom. It loads dynamically, so you need to keep scrolling down until you see the entire course from the very first post.
  3. Note: if you care about keeping the student comments, you will have to expand them for each post as you scroll down.
  4. Use the Print function of your web browser, and print to PDF. In Google Chrome, this works best (for me), with Margins set to minimum, Portrait layout, and the Background Graphics checkbox turned on.
  5. Save that PDF somewhere safe!
  6. Repeat for all your other Classrooms.
It's not ideal, but you at least get to keep a pretty decent copy. Even the links should be there!